Is it Oil or is it Watercolor? – Article in International Artist Magazine on how to paint in watercolor and how to paint in oil color by Susan

One of the most common things Susan is asked about her paintings is this: “Is it an oil or a watercolor painting?”

In this newly released issue (#78 April/May) of the prestigious International Artist Magazine, Susan reveals her decision making process when and how she forms her choice of painting medium for her numerous subjects. Susan paints many subjects: floral, bird, still life, portrait, figurative, interior, landscape – anything and everything that nature presents to her.

In this in-depth feature Susan shares her vast experience with the color palette and art materials she uses, the methods, techniques, hints and tips that have all been breakthroughs to her in both watercolor and oilpainting. Susan discusses the all important composition and framingthat make her paintings stand out. Susan’s understand of color theory and the importance of warm and cool colors is a major influence on her work. Learn this and more in this 15 page article in the International Artist Magazine. This article is written for you – the artist and will help you lift your work to the next level.

Here is the International Artist website where you will be able to purchase this April/May 2011 issue :

This magazine is also available in good bookshops in the US.

Susan highly recommends the International Artist Magazine. NOT just because they have published this feature. Susan has many features published in numerous International magazines and books. Susan buys this magazine because the quality of this publication is superb, the content is diverse, always excellent and it is an art magazine that offers help, instruction, information and inspiration for all levels of skill and expertise. Susan has subscribed to this magazine since the very first publication of it.

She hopes you enjoy her article – it is written with you all in mind.

You can see more of Susan’s publications in International Artist Magazine and other Magazines by visiting her Publications/Press page on this website.

Susan’s watercolor painting techniques and methods are shown and described in great detail and depth in her  Watercolor Technique DVDs. Don’t forget to check the Free Art Lessons Page for more information about watercolor painting. Of course the very best way to learn is to watch over Susan’s shoulder and listen to her thought processes as she paints and deliberates each step, method, technique and stroke of the brush, and mix of color.

All these things are explained in great detail on Susan’s 3 DVD sets (each set has two discs).

Each set offers three + hours of tuition, ideally suited to artists of all levels. Observing how Susan uses her brushes in her unique way, how she applies her paint, the specific color mixing she uses to create paintings of naturalistic realism – and to listen to her thought processes give invaluable insight and reveal why Susan’s paintings are so much in demand.

These things cannot be condensed into text. These invaluable DVD sets concentrate on ‘why’ each of her techniques work and this will help you to lift your painting level to reach your full potential. This is the next best thing to a one-on-one workshop with Susan.

With over 20,000 copies of Susan’s DVDs sold and sent to countries all around the world, Susan now also has her DVDs manufactured and dispatched from the US. Delivery within the US usually takes two to four days. For other countries, the shipping is from NZ and delivery is usually within 3 – 7 days.

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Susan’s latest DVD:
Painting Watercolor My Way
In this 2 disc DVD set Susan teaches how to paint several subjects in one specifically chosen study. This study will introduce you to numerous textures and surfaces using all of Susan’s methods, color mixing and techniques, color theory and magical layering to create a translucent reality that glows. Watch as the subject becomes three dimensional with her use of warm and cool hues. Understand how Susan uses hue and color temperature to mold form and create paintings with a true presence. This 2 disc DVD set will show you how to paint a beautiful, delicate rose, leaves and dewdrops, decorated porcelain, woodgrain, rich luminous backgrounds, shiny surfaces, how to create the color of gold and so much more. Most importantly Susan helps you to understand how to adapt these methods to any subject at all.

Susan’s Portrait DVD
Susan Harrison- Tustain’s Watercolor Portrait Workshop
Learn how to paint a portrait using natural luminous hues so real you feel as if you could touch the skin. Learn how to avoid the traps for young players. Full of all the hints and tips that will help you create portraits that glow with realism, Susan shares her skill and the essential knowledge that will help you paint portraits that speak to the viewers of your work.

Susan’s Workshop DVD
Susan Harrison-Tustain’s One on One Watercolor Workshop
Learn how to paint several subjects, delicate roses, lilies, leaves, a luscious apple.

Watch as Susan creates backgrounds and explains the benefits of each. Learn about line and creating form, velvet petals, shiny petals, colour mixing and so much more.

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