October 2017

Exhibition – Auckland, New Zealand


Please contact Richard for venue details: ph 07 5433 933 or alternatively use the contact form on this website.


Friday 13th October 7 – 9pm
Opening Function and unveiling – Complimentary passes required – contact Richard for Complimentary Passes: ph 07 5433 933 or alternatively use the contact form on this website

Saturday 14th Oct and Sunday 15th October
10am – 5pm (last entry 4.30pm)
Complimentary passes required – Please contact Richard for Complimentary passes: ph 07 5433 933 or alternatively use the contact form on this website

October 2017

Exhibition – Tauranga, New Zealand


Design on James, 24a James Road, Te Puna, Tauranga


Saturday 21st Oct and Sunday 22nd October:
Free entry. Open to everyone (no passes required). Visit at your leisure:

10am – 5pm (last entry 4.30pm).

Invitation Only Opening Function and unveiling
20th October 7 – 9pm
(invitation only – please contact Richard by phone (07) 5433 933 to apply for complimentary Admission Passes). Alternatively use the contact form on this website.

Susan Harrison-Tustain

Exhibition of Paintings 2017

Gilded Edge – A Celebration of Gold and Colours’

It is with enormous pleasure we announce a much awaited Exhibition by internationally acclaimed New Zealand artist Susan Harrison-Tustain.

Harrison-Tustain’s rare exhibitions see large numbers of visitors from throughout New Zealand as well as from Australia and North America to view her unique work. This exhibition features paintings in oil on 24 carat Gold Leaf and Palladium Leaf. The works will be available for viewing and purchase throughout the exhibition.

About Susan Harrison-Tustain

Harrison-Tustain’s work can be found in collections around the world and is featured in numerous international books and publications as well as New Zealand books such as: Sir Ray Avery’s inspiring book: ‘The Power of Us, New Zealanders who dare to dream’, Denis Robinson’s ‘New Zealand’s Favourite Artists’, as well as ‘New Zealand in Watercolour’. Susan was a featured artist in an episode of “Put Some Colour in Your Life”, screened on networks in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK & on Virgin Airways worldwide. Susan has also featured on TVNZ episodes presented by Kevin Milne and Maggie Barry

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A word from Susan

“Painting in oil on 24 carat Gold leaf and Palladium leaf has been the most challenging – as well as exhilarating journey. I look forward to sharing these works on precious metals with you.
My muse for this collection is a very gifted New Zealand musician – Alice Sea. Alice will be playing her music at intervals during both exhibitions.
With ‘realist’, ‘surrealist’ and ‘Impressionist’ elements, my painting style adds a twist to reality.
Discover the golden music notes entwined amongst the ivy leaves in ‘The Gift’. The golden eggs in ‘Free Spirit’ are suspended, nurtured in the hollows of the earth, while the vibration of taping toes filters through tiny filament roots down into the vast macrocosm below.
I look forward to welcoming you to my ‘Gilded Edge’ exhibition to view these unique works of art before they go on their own journey into private collections around New Zealand and overseas.” Susan



Internationally acclaimed New Zealand watercolor and oil artist Susan Harrison-Tustain’s highly sought after work will take you on an artistic journey.

Her passion for painting and for natural beauty and light allows the viewers of her work to feel part of the world she has captured. A world so life-like you can ‘smell’ the perfume of the roses, see the light as it glistens through a dew-drop or feel the nostalgic atmosphere she has created in her still lifes studies of much loved, time-worn objet d’art.

Her best selling Watercolor book “Glorious Garden Flowers in Watercolor” (North Light Books, Cincinnati, Ohio) has showcased her art to the world, and her newly released DVD’s show YOU how to paint exquisite watercolor of your own.

Susan’s Story:
Painting and drawing since childhood, Susan decided after an extensive trip to Europe and its national galleries to take her work to a professional level. Her exhibitions are much awaited events and are highly successful. Queues for the exhibitions start to form several hours before opening time and continue throughout the duration of the show. Susan’s work has been on several prestigious magazine covers and within the pages of many publications. She has featured twice on television and has written a book about her paintings and style “Glorious Garden Flowers in Watercolor”. You will also find her work in “Splash 6”, “Splash 7” and “Splash 8” (North Light Books).

“Glorious Garden Flowers in Watercolor” has been a best selling book of its type in the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, U.K., Europe and China.

The demand for Susan’s work far outweights her output. With this in mind she has released archival quality, signed and numbered Limited Edition Lithographs of her work and museum quality Iris Giclees of her latest paintings.

You’ll find Susan’s work represented in collections in the U.S.A., Britain, France, Italy, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand. She tutors workshops in New Zealand and USA which are in great demand and are attended by artists from all over the world. Passionate about a variety of subjects, Susan particularly loves to paint child studies, figurative studies, nude, still life, bird and floral studies. Painting intuitively, she has a natural affinity for watercolor and an innate ability to captivate the viewers of her work.

“I love to see people responding to my work and to hear the viewers of my paintings say they can smell the roses or feel as if they could reach into the painting and touch the aged leatherbound books as they emerge from the shadows into flickering candlelight”.

Her paintings capture the very ‘essence’ of her subject and the viewers find themselves lost in the world she has created. Susan lives in the beautiful, clean, green New Zealand countryside overlooking the picturesque coastal, port towns of Tauranga and Mount Maunganui. Susan invites you to take a journey through the pages of her website. She likes to think of art as ‘timeless’ and trusts that, through her paintings, you will also feel the ‘passion’ and revelation she felt when the inspiration for each of her paintings was born.

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Exhibition at The Gallery Hamilton, New Zealand

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Feb 10 – May 8th
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