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Over 40,000 sold world-wide!

The following is an unsolicited quote from Armin, who lives in Kansas, USA: “I have taken classes and dabbled in water colors as a life-long hobby for more than 50 years, but Susan has inspired me more, and taught me more using her book and DVDs in the past couple of years than I learned in the previous 50 years”.

Please note that the prices shown below are for the 2-disc DVD sets. The Video Downloads of these titles are hosted on Platform Purple in the USA and are priced at US$54.50 each. To go directly to Susan’s Video Download page please click HERE.

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DVD or Video Download? Which one is best for you?

All 4 of Susan’s watercolor instruction titles are available as either DVD discs or Video Downloads. 

 As the term implies – DVD discs are the physical shiny discs that you can play in a DVD player attached to your TV, or on your computer or laptop (if it has a DVD drive in it or connected to it). Once you purchase a DVD it has to be shipped to you, which is an extra cost (although if you purchase 3 or 4 of Susan’s DVDs the shipping is free). Video Downloads are digital video files that you download over the internet to your computer, laptop or hand-held device – such as an iPad or iPhone or the Android equivalent (e.g. Samsung). We use a service called Platform Purple, which has the benefit of providing the full menu and navigation functions as found on the DVD discs. Once you own a Video Download you can download it to any or all of the computers or devices you own. For more detailed information about Video Downloads go to any of the individual DVD/Download pages (by clicking on any of the 4 images below), scroll down and click on the ‘Downloads/Streaming Info’ button. DVD or Video Download? The choice is yours. Happy Viewing!

Susan is passionate about passing on her painting knowledge to other aspiring artists, whether they are beginners, advanced enthusiasts or professionals. With over 25 years of teaching and conducting national and international workshops, her painting instruction and art instruction DVDs and video downloads are in huge demand around the world.

Susan says: “Most of us find ourselves on a plateau at some stage of our painting journey. Happy with our work – but we don’t know how to gain that ‘professional edge’ to lift our work to the next level and beyond. That is just one of my specialities!” 

Susan has created four 2-disc DVD titles, which are now also available as video downloads. These four titles detail Susan’s watercolor painting techniques and materials. Each is packed with invaluable teaching, knowledge, advice, hints and tips and information to help guide you to achieve the vibrant colors, luminosity and detail that are hallmarks of her paintings. Scroll down this page to see a selection of comments made by artists about Susan’s instructional art DVDs.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy three or more of Susan’s DVDs and receive FREE SHIPPING, and for all orders from this website receive a FREE E-Album of REFERENCE PHOTOGRAPHS for you to use as you wish. 

Please click on any of the DVD images below for in-depth information on each of the instructional DVDs.

With many thousands of her art instruction DVDs and video downloads sold around the world (often as multiple sales), the demand for her teaching is, she believes, testament not only to what she teaches, but how she teaches and paints. It is often commented upon that Susan holds nothing back. Her focus is on delivering an easy-to-grasp understanding of why and how things work, which means artists can retain and build on the lessons and painting skills they learn. The unique techniques she uses allow artists to build a solid base of knowledge that they can begin confidently with or expand upon to launch themselves off a plateau and help them to reach their full potential.

In addition to reaching a world-wide audience with her DVDs and downloads,  Susan also conducts occasional group workshops, most recently in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia and also conducts personalised one-on-one 1, 2 or 3-day workshops in her home studio in Tauranga, New Zealand. You can contact her for more information on those here.


A selection of the comments made by artists about Susan’s instructional art DVD’s

I love your new DVD-what a treasure. I feel that this DVD gives the detailed information needed to completely understand everything I need to know and how to do it.” ~ Bonnie, Georgetown, TX, about the ‘Painting Watercolor My Way’ DVD set.
Bonnie TX

“I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your new DVD!!! It’s awesome and I can’t wait to jump into a painting with both feet! You are an excellent instructor and your love of the subject certainly comes through on the screen.” ~ Janet, San Diego, CA, about the ‘Painting Watercolor My Way’ DVD set.
Janet CA

“I used your brilliant portrait training DVD to do this. I painted the same picture previously without your DVD but couldn’t get skin tone deep enough for my wee Indonesian grandson, and I totally mucked up his hair. Your priming and under wash technique solved it for me. Thank you so so much. The DVD was brilliant.” ~ Debbie, New Zealand, about the ‘Watercolor Portrait Workshop’ DVD set.
Debbie, New Zealand

“My partner bought me Susan’s DVD ‘Painting Watercolor My Way’ after listening to me rave about this incredible artist I’d found on YouTube. It is everything I’d hoped; Susan demonstrates her methods while clearly explaining how and why – this is a masterclass aimed at beginners and advanced watercolourists alike. Thank you again for the excellent service and for generously sharing your amazing talent Susan, it is such a privilege to watch and learn from you in this way.” ~ Deborah, UK about the `Painting Watercolor My Way´ DVD set.
Deborah, Somerset, UK

“What a wonderful gift you have given painters by making the DVD! As a “new” watercolorist of only 2 years, I had been looking for just the kind of guidance you shared and just wanted you to know that I was equally impressed with your portrait DVD. To watch a face come to life under your brush was just, well, spellbinding.” ~ Terri, Onekama, MI, about the ‘One-on-One Watercolor Workshops’ & ‘Watercolor Portrait Workshop’ DVD sets.
Terrie MI

“I must commend you on the DVD Susan as it is so professional and informative and your teaching is thorough and patiently done.” ~ Diana, South Australia, about the ‘Watercolor Portrait Workshop’ DVD set.
Diana, Australia

Susan says: “The success of a painting is not only reliant on the painting portion of a work. It is also determined by the time we take before putting brush to paper. We can be the best artists in the world at wielding a brush – but without the knowledge of our medium, good composition, observation skills, analysis and deliberation, knowledge of the five essential elements – our paintings will never reach their full potential.”
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