Figurative Paintings in oil and watercolor

Since prehistoric times the human figure has been one of the constant subjects of art. We tend to be fascinated by other people – the lives they lead, what motivates them, the passions and thoughts they have and how they might be similar to us. It is not surprising that artists should enjoy figurative paintings, capturing these attributes of others in their art.

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Figurative Oil & Watercolor Paintings

Whether I am creating figurative oil paintings or figurative watercolor paintings or, more recently, figurative oil paintings on 24 carat gold and palladium leaf, these figurative and portrait studies are not necessarily focused on a specific person or people. They are allegorical and portray the essential humanity of any one of us. What is significant is the emotion and psychology found within each painting.

For artists keen to pursue the subject of the human form I have created instructional DVDs and video downloads, with one specifically dedicated to portrait painting. In addition, a selection of my figurative and portrait studies are available as fine art giclee reproductions.

Susan offers a select collection of fine art prints.

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