Giclée Fine Art Reproductions

You can enjoy having your favourite Susan Harrison-Tustain painting image on your own wall. Susan offers a select collection of genuine strictly limited edition Giclée Fine Art Reproductions of some of her work. Giclée (pronounced “jhee-clay”) is a name for the process of making Fine Art Reproductions using multi-layered ink-jet printing.

Susan says: “My giclées are created by a highly skilled  giclée specialist using leading-edge scanner and top-end printing equipment. Quality and longevity are paramount in all of my original art and my giclée reproductions. Producing each giclée takes a great deal of time, skill and expense, which I feel is well invested. The longevity of my giclée reproductions, my personal hand-proofing, signing and registering of each image is my guarantee of the highest possible reproduction quality of my images. Each giclée is from a strictly limited edition, is personally numbered and comes with my official Certificate of Authenticity. My currently available giclées can be viewed below. Please click on the thumbnail for the full image.”

Offset Lithograph Prints

Floral paintings bring a welcoming atmosphere to any room. Susan wants to invite you into her garden. She particularly loves to capture flowers just as they are – growing in nature. In each painting reproduced in her Offset Lithograph Prints, Susan has captured the life-story of the roses or pansies – through the stages from bud to blossom and then on to the characterful beauty of the spent flowers. Can you find the scurrying ladybug in some of the paintings? The translucent dew drops sit precariously as the blooms and leaves sway in the gentle Spring breeze. Did you catch the delicate perfume of the roses as the sunlight warms the air? The more you look, the more you will see and sense.

These images (below) are the last of this much sought-after series of Offset Lithograph Prints. For a short time Susan is offering four strictly Limited Edition floral Offset Lithographs and one still life miniature Offset Lithograph (all below) at exceptional one-off pricing.

Each Offset Lithograph Print has a wide white border surrounding the image. At the base of this white border you will find Susan’s signature, Limited Edition Print number and the title of the original painting. The sizes shown for each print indicate the actual image size, excluding the border.

Offset Lithograph Prints on High Quality Acid Free Paper

(Please click on each thumbnail image below to view the complete image)

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