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I want to help you feel the exhilaration that comes from painting with confidence!
Mastrius Mentorship


Have you ever wished YOU could have ACCESS to a MASTER ARTIST who you could ask for help with a painting you are struggling with – or help you overcome any hurdles you may be facing?


Maybe you have some burning questions you would like to ask someone who has had over 30 years of EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE and IN-DEPTH UNDERSTANDING of PAINTING and TEACHING. As well as a passion to HELP YOU EXCEL.

What I teach is different, easy-to-grasp and will help you to discover the exhilaration of painting successful MASTERWORKS that capture those magical moments that take our breath away.

About Susan:

Internationally acclaimed New Zealand artist Susan Harrison-Tustain is a highly experienced art workshop tutor and art instruction DVD/Video Download presenter (over 30,000 art instruction DVDs sold world-wide). Susan is also the author of a best-selling North American published art book (60,000 copies sold world-wide). She was a featured artist on Series 10 of the Australian TV show, now enjoyed world-wide – ‘Put Some Colour in Your Life’. Her work features in numerous international books and leading art magazines (including ‘International Artist’, ‘Australian Artist’ and ‘The Art of Watercolour’). She and her husband Richard also lead one-off sight-seeing, painting, photography and wine appreciation tours in Europe.

What is Mastrius?

The name says it all! Master Artists Mentorship – helping artists find their wings and excel!

What Do I Offer?

  • Live, online Mentorship for emerging artists (artists that have some experience and are ready to discover how to excel).
  • One 2-hour session per month via Mastrius.
  • Although I will be using watercolor & oil, much of the information I share will relate to any medium.
  • The benefit of being able to share this experience with a small group of up to 7 other, similar stage artists. The guidance I give each of you will benefit you all.
  • I focus on the hurdles you currently face – but I also extend you so much further, making my Mastermind group even more far-reaching for you.

My Most Often Asked Question From Artists:

During the many years of teaching artists of all painting skill levels around the world via my international workshops – artists often speak of the frustration they feel at being ‘stuck’ and don’t know how to leave the ‘plateau’ they have found themselves on.

They liked their work, but they didn’t know what was missing in their paintings and where to go for help.

This is my specialty! 🙂

My greatest passion is to empower artists with knowledge, so they can take a giant leap off that highly populated plateau, so many of us have found ourselves on at some stage during our painting journey, to the next level and beyond.

As well as helping you with current hurdles, I also share easy to understand invaluable insights and new awarenesses that will open YOUR eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. 

What Does This Involve?

  • The best way to learn is to focus on paintings/subjects that YOU want to paint or are painting.
  • In these ‘critiques’ I will share knowledge and insights that will help you to create masterworks.
  • This Master Mentorship Group is specifically designed to allow YOU to submit a painting – at any stage of the work – along with written information where you tell me your goal and vision for your painting.
  • You may like me to help you through all the stages of a painting and love to be a part of our group for many sessions.
  • Or maybe you would like just one session to get you on the right track.
  • YOU can tailor the number of sessions you join to YOUR needs.

You May Just Want to Ask Questions

You are also welcome to ask any questions. Tell me where you feel you are struggling. Through a monthly, two hour live mentorship session – I will help you and up to 7 other artists to:

  • Overcome your fears and frustrations
  • Remedy and troubleshoot painting issues YOU are facing
  • Teach YOU how to overcome those hurdles that are stopping you from reaching your full potential
  • Teach YOU how to observe where the problems might be in your work
  • The knowledge I share with you will help you to self-critique your future work!

I Will Use The Following To Help You To Visualize The Impact My Suggestions Can Have On Your Paintings:

  • Mini demonstrations
  • Pre-prepared demonstrations
  • Adobe Photoshop – I can make changes to your paintings using Adobe Photoshop. This will allow me to show you the ‘before and after’ impact of my advice – on YOUR work
  • My ‘works in progress’ or my completed works – these allow me to show you how lessons I’ve learned have allowed my work to have that professional edge and could give the same to YOUR work too. 

The breakthroughs I teach are ‘lightbulb’ moments that could well revolutionize your painting journey – as they have mine and so many other artists around the world.

I  will open YOUR eyes to the logic behind all I teach so you can have a solid base of understanding and logic that you can spring-board from! 

My mentoring sessions are both PRACTICAL and INSPIRATIONAL and, if you are like hundreds of Mastrius artists around the globe, they may just change your life.

Our artist mentorship group STARTS SOON!

Join me! Learn more by clicking on the following link to take you to my Mastrius page:

I’d LOVE to see you there!


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