NEW! Mastermind Group Mentorship for Emerging Artists:

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GREAT NEWS!  I have signed up with a Canadian company called LevellingUp to do monthly 2 hour mentorships to small groups of artists.

This is the basic outline of my mentorship sessions:

Small groups of up to 8 artists plus the ‘navigator’ who takes care of any technical issues that may arise during the Zoom session – and also takes part as an artist in each session.

The sessions will be focusing on critiquing work and extending skills.

My focus in the mentorship sessions is to help each artist see a path they can resonate with – in-line with your goals and the direction for the painting you are about to begin/are working on/having trouble with or would like help to fine tune and bring that professional edge to.

I will also aim to help open your eyes to the further potential and possibilities of your completed work or work in progress.

I intend to:

  • If it is at the start of your project – the focus would be on sharing how to avoid potential pitfalls before the composition is established – using the various elements you wish to use in the composition.
  • Use my basic Photoshop skills to show suggestions and highlight before/after/potential – where appropriate.
  • Extend your knowledge where appropriate via mini demonstrations of methods, techniques and outcomes.
  • Share the logic behind the remedies/suggestions to help you understand as well as grasp the potential of these suggestions – and more easily retain what I share.
  • Highlight the suggestions and points I make using my own completed or semi-completed paintings and/or examples of pre-prepared and new demos which demonstrate the far-reaching potential of the suggestions I will make.


To find out more on the Levelling Up website please click on the following link:

Susan Harrison-Tustain Mastermind+


Watercolor Painting Workshops & Classes

Future In-Person Watercolor Workshops

Tutoring for 25 years, Susan has hosted workshops in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Europe.  She has conducted very successful and much sought-after watercolor workshops in Australia in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019. In each of those years she has held two x 3-day workshops in Maroochydore on Queensland’s beautiful and inviting Sunshine Coast. The workshops have attracted artists from near and far – Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and China. Unfortunately, with the current (May 2021) uncertainties surrounding the world-wide Covid situation, she is unsure when she will be able to conduct more in-person workshops. She is certainly keen to announce more, once it is deemed safe and practical to do so. If you are interested in receiving information about future workshops please let us know, using the message box in the form below. For your reference, please check out the information relating to the 2019 workshops below the form.

Future Online & Group Mentorship Workshops

In 2022 Susan will be providing Workshops and Mentorship Groups online. Her workshops and teaching are always in high demand. If you are interested in the possibility of taking part in any of these, please let us know in the message box in the form below. Then, you will be the first to be offered the opportunity to secure a place.

Susan’s workshops are for all skill levels. See Susan talk about her 2019 Watercolor Workshops in Maroochydore in the video below.

Scroll down below the video to find all the information about the 2019 workshops. This is for your reference, as the information relating to any future workshops will be similar.

Please note that a large number of artists have expressed interest in attending Susan’s workshops, so places will be reserved strictly in order of receipt of the NZ$250 deposit payment. Please do not make your flight or accommodation bookings until you have received notification that your workshop place has been confirmed by us.


After reading the detailed information on this page, if you wish to apply for a place on Susan’s  2019 Sunshine Coast workshop series, simply complete the form below. We will come back to you with availability and offer you the opportunity to secure your place with a deposit payment of NZ$250. Just put in your Name, Email (please make sure your email address is 100% correct) and Country. Then in the message box tell us which workshop(s) you wish to request. Please don’t delay if you wish to secure a place. Once you have put your details into the form just complete the arithmetic sum (for security) and click the SUBMIT button.


To enable you to pay the workshop deposit we will send you a Paypal payment request. You can then make payment either with your Paypal funds or by credit card – easy! Once payment is made we will send you a confirmation of your workshop place.


If you have any questions about the 2019 workshops please feel free to ask them via the message box in the form below.


Join Susan for a fun 3-day watercolour workshop, full of insights, breakthroughs and learning. Susan very much looks forward to sharing all she knows about watercolour painting with you! Exciting times ahead!! 

Details for Susan’s October 2019 Maroochydore Watercolour Workshops:

Please scroll down this page for full information about Susan and her workshops (including content and structure, dates, times and cost), the venue (Sebel Hotel) and accommodation and workshop reviews. PLUS – see some photos from her previous workshops.

About Susan:

Internationally acclaimed New Zealand artist Susan Harrison-Tustain is a highly experienced art workshop tutor and art instruction DVD/Video Download presenter (over 30,000 art instruction DVDs sold world-wide). Susan is also the author of a best-selling North American published art book (60,000 copies sold world-wide). She was a featured artist on Series 10 of the Australian TV show, now enjoyed world-wide – ‘Put Some Colour in Your Life’. Her work features in numerous international books and leading art magazines (including ‘International Artist’, ‘Australian Artist’ and ‘The Art of Watercolour’). She and her husband Richard also lead one-off sight-seeing, painting, photography and wine appreciation tours in Europe.

Susan’s Workshops:

Maroochydore is an idyllic spot to teach and learn painting. It’s a holiday town – the perfect place for everyone to unwind in a lovely relaxed, friendly atmosphere as Susan shares her unique teaching style and all that she knows about painting and watercolour.

One afternoon, after class, Richard will offer bonus tuition for those keen to learn how to capture great photographs. Richard will share his knowledge of photography and teach you how to get the most from your digital camera and compose images that will inspire you to capture them in watercolour. Partners are welcome to join in this session too.

As usual the workshop places will be allocated on a ‘first in – first served‘ basis’.

Susan says:

“The success of a painting is often determined by the time we take before putting brush to paper. We can be the best artists in the world at wielding a brush – but without the knowledge of our medium, good composition, observation, analysis, deliberation, colour and colour temperature – our paintings will never reach their full potential.”

Therefore my focus begins with teaching you how to heighten your skills of:

  • Observation
  • Analysis
  • Deliberation
  • Intelligent Composition

We then focus on the essential ingredients of:

  • Susan’s painting methods & techniques
  • Colour mixing and colour trails
  • Colour temperature: the power and impact of this knowledge is far-reaching
  • Learning how to make watercolour paintings dance with glowing translucent jewel-like colour giving a three dimensional reality
  • Layering translucent washes
  • Brush handling
  • Fine tuning: This is the ‘icing on the cake’ when refining our paintings

I feel Benjamin Disraeli could have been describing my teaching philosophy when he so eloquently penned these words:

” The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches,
but to reveal to him his own.”

I believe good teaching is about taking the artist to a window – throwing it wide and opening their eyes to a whole new awareness and a new world of possibilities through the understanding of the essential artist’s tools above.

I would love to teach you how to create paintings that reach out of the frame and captivate the viewers of your work. Our paintings live on long after we have gone and it is this notion that inspires me to share knowledge so you too can feel the joy of achieving and the knowledge that your work will speak to the generations that follow.

Susan’s 2019 Maroochydore Workshops

The First 3-day Workshop Dates are:

Pre-workshop get-together (optional) on evening of Thursday 10th October 2019
with 3-day workshop on Friday 11th October to Sunday 13th October, 2019.

The Second 3-day Workshop Dates are:

Pre-workshop get-together (optional) on evening of Thursday 17th October 2019
with 3-day workshop on Friday 18th October to Sunday 20th October, 2019.

Susan teaches lessons to everyone, while they are seated around her desk, with a video monitor to show a close-up view of her working on her painting. Once artists return to their own paintings Susan will circulate around the room, spending one-on-one time with each artist to move each forward at their own pace and skill level.

Susan’s workshops are for artists of all skill levels, however having studied Susan’s DVDs/Video Downloads or attended a previous workshop will be an advantage. 


Susan will teach each day from 9am to 4pm, with a break for morning tea, an hour for lunch, and afternoon tea at 4pm. Nevertheless, Susan will often continue teaching after 4pm. There is the option for artists to continue painting in the evening if they wish to practise the day’s lessons further.


The cost of three days tuition is NZ$1,250.

The price includes tasty morning and afternoon teas during the workshops. Lunch and accommodation are not included. Susan guarantees to limit the number of artists on each workshop to a maximum of 15.

To reserve a workshop place a non-refundable (NZ$250) deposit is required. Please use the form near the top of this page to request a place on Susan’s workshop(s). As soon as we receive your request we will send you a Paypal payment request for the deposit payment. Spaces are reserved in the order that deposits are received.
The balance payment of NZ$1,000 is to be paid any time before (and including) Friday 2nd August 2019.

Cancellation Policy:

As you can imagine, we feel saddened if a personal emergency, or other circumstances, force an artist to withdraw from a workshop they have booked. We wish to be fair and reasonable to fellow artists. Therefore, if an artist withdraws from a workshop once the balance payment has been made we will refund that balance payment (NZ$1,000) in full if we are able to find a replacement person for that space. Obviously, the more time we have to secure a replacement, the more likely we are to find one.

The Venue:

Maroochy Conference Room
The Sebel Hotel Maroochydore
20 Aerodrome Road
Queensland 4558
ph: +61 (0)7 5479 8000

The four star Sebel Hotel has kindly put together a very attractive Artists’ Package Rate for one and two bedroom apartment accommodation. This price is much reduced from the usual cost of this beautiful hotel.

The Artist’s Package and of course the twin share possibility makes the Sebel pricing very attractive. However there is a great variety of accommodation in Maroochydore for you to choose from should you wish to stay elsewhere.

Click HERE for more information on the Sebel Hotel Maroochydore:

Below is the special artists’ package information/accommodation available at the Sebel Hotel where the workshops will be held. When booking accommodation with the Sebel Hotel please tell them you are attending Susan’s workshop and you would like the special pricing shown below. The rates have been provided by Chrissy Hulsby, the Conference and Event Sales Manager at the Sebel Maroochydore.

Nightly rate:

1 bedroom pool view apartment AUD$199 per night (usually from approx AUD$278 per night)
Relax on large private balcony with views of the sparkling pool and town. Apartments are fully self-contained with gourmet kitchen, over-sized living areas, LCD TV, CD/DVD, broadband (for extra cost), laundry, ensuite with spa bath, and private entry courtyard. Queen bed.

2 bedroom pool view apartment AUD$235 (usually from approx AUD$360 per night).
These are excellent twin share apartments as they have two bathrooms and two bedrooms which makes them very economical for twin share (approx AUD$118 per person).
Relax on large private balcony with views of the sparkling pool & town. Apartments are fully self-contained, 2 bed/2bathroom, gourmet kitchen, over-sized living area, LCD TV, CD/DVD, broadband (for extra cost), laundry, ensuite spa bath & private entry courtyard. Queen bed and two single beds.

There are also ocean view apartments available at an additional $30 per night.
The hotel is ideally situated overlooking the ocean and amongst a street of eateries. There is a provisions shop close by the hotel. Maroochydore Plaza shopping centre is approx 20 minutes walk. The rooms have their own kitchens which is another great asset of this lovely hotel and venue.

“Many thanks for your very inspiring and enlightening workshop.  I truly had a wonderful time and must say, it was most definitely the best art workshop I have ever attended 🙂   Susan, your energy, patience and technique detailing is truly extraordinary.  I left the workshop on a real ‘high’ and even though I felt I was travelling at a snail’s pace during the workshop, I understand that it was important for you to explain everything in detail and to take many questions from all of the attendees (in order to make sure we understood the process involved) and also spend one on one time with each of us.

Additionally, I have never encountered an artist who addressed the psychology of self belief and confidence in one’s work and shared so much of their personal journey.   That is something I needed to hear and I love the personal notes you wrote on the books I purchased.  My motto now is “the world is your oyster” and “just do it” and “Believe in yourself”.  Thank you for believing in us and giving us that ‘push’ to believe in ourselves!

I am sincerely grateful to you and Richard for coming to the land of Oz and giving so much of yourselves; to provide such a memorable learning experience and for the magic you both create with your charismatic, giving and lovely personalities. It was a real privilege to study with such a brilliant teacher as yourself; truly a ‘master’ painter (or should I say ‘mistress’ “

M K Australia

“The Workshop was so inspiring and I learnt so…. much. Your style of teaching was so generous, patient and encouraging. Not only are you a brilliant artist but you are also a brilliant teacher. Your passion in sharing your knowledge with others was so touching and I really appreciate it. I realise that you had given up so much of your valuable painting time to both prepare and deliver the workshop. You have significantly helped a number of aspiring artists.

This was so kind and generous of you. Even though I had read many, many books and watched so many videos over the past two years when I have been trying to teach myself, there were so many things I learnt at your workshop that just aren’t covered or explained clearly in these media. To have you not only explain things clearly, but also to demonstrate them and then have us practice the techniques was invaluable. I am now continuing the rose study at home and am quite delighted as I see my painting improve.”

J M Australia

“What a great workshop in Maroochydore, wow I learnt so much from you Susan. How generous sending all that written material to us. I feel absolutely spoilt. Thank you! It was good being a beginner. That was the main reason for going. My belief is, if you are going to learn something, don’t get someone mediocre to
teach you or your work will be mediocre. My theory is learn from the best and you know no other way of doing it and you are half way there. The rest is
practice and hopefully some hidden talent. I have a lot to learn about colour and I guess that will be through some knowledge but mainly discovery.

A limited palette of transparent colours makes a lot of sense.

You are the loveliest couple I have ever met and hopefully I will get the chance to see you again. “

Pat Australia

” I am finding a painting I’m working on, coming along nicely (thanks to Susan’s methods), just like to say it was lovely to meet you both, and I really enjoyed the workshop, it was evident the amount of work you both put in to the 3 days, to make it very informative, fun and enlightening, I’m looking forward to attending some more in the future.”

Val Australia

“Thank you very much for all this added information. It has provided me with a good summary of all the teaching during the workshop at Maroochydore.

I also wish to extend my very best thanks for the workshop – I found it stimulating, enlightening and rewarding as it gave me a better understanding of many of the practices in producing better paintings. I also thoroughly enjoyed it, You and Richard made the workshop so interesting and full of information – it was a pleasure to be there.

I will be going over the DVDs with more focus to allow me to apply the techniques you so generously shared with us.”

N S Australia

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