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You will all know I spend a great deal of time extensively testing the products I recommend, so the products I use and promote are ideal for our purposes. I receive no financial benefit from promoting any of the products. My goal is to give you a very comprehensive list of products (and a list of where you can purchase them) to help you on your painting journey. I have also combined with two wonderful companies in Germany to create my Susan Harrison-Tustain signature sets of da Vinci brushes and Schmincke paints.

The da Vinci Susan Harrison-Tustain Signature Brushes Set

For many years I have loved my da Vinci brushes. You may also know how much I loved my Isabey quill brush. Now it is no longer in production. A few months ago I spoke with a representative of da Vinci in Germany for the first time. He knew of me and my work. He also knew how highly I regard the da Vinci handcrafted brushes. 

I told him about the Isabey brush that is no longer in production. As a result da Vinci have created an even bigger and better quill brush for me – all hand made in Germany (each hair layed on individually). This new brush is brilliant. Not only that but da Vinci have put together a superb ‘Signature Set’ of watercolor brushes, perfect for watercolor painting using my methods and techniques. This set is fabulous as it contains all the watercolor brushes I believe I could ever need. The other exciting news is that the brushes are rolled in a gorgeous soft black leather brush pouch.

The set contains 6 top quality da Vinci brushes:

  • Maestro kolinsky sable Series 11 Sizes 6 & 2. These are the wonderful brushes I have always loved and used over the years. I show a Size 1 in my new Watercolor DVD, but the Size 2 does the equivalent job.
  • Artissimo quill siberian sable Series 44m Size 3. This size was not previously available. It is equivalent to a size 16, and is even better than the Isabey brush I have treasured for so long.
  • Nova Synthetic Series 122 Sizes 4 & 2. These have just the right amount of flex for effective and gentle scrubbing and softening edges – without endangering the surface of your paper. I have always used these too – they are invaluable.
  • Nova 2 inch (50mm) synthetic wash brush Series 5080 Size 50. I previously used another brand which is very good – but this one is even better for ‘cutting’ around the subject when laying in large washes. All are rolled in a very practical and sumptuous soft black leather brush pouch. Each brush has my name on it and the soft black leather pouch has my embossed signature. It really is a superb set, elegant in style, practical and of course the brushes are my favourite brushes. There is room in the pouch for other brushes if you wish too.The extra good news is that there is a brilliant introductory price for the set. Please click to go to my Art Materials Page to look for the retailers who stock the set in your country, or in countries where you may be able to purchase them from. The first person to buy the set in the US was Ed from Florida. This is part of what what he wrote to me, after first mentioning the value of the Artissimo size 3:“Needless to say, all the other wonderful brushes are high quality and almost a give away. I don’t want to forget the sexy little soft leather brush pouch. Good job Susan, your students should be delighted and if they don’t go for this opportunity I just don’t know what to say.”Now I know it sounds as if I must be on commission here – but I assure you – I’m not.

Susan Harrison-Tustain Signature Brush Set only available through these retailers:

USA: Greg Daniels Fine Art Supplies
Australia: Parkers Fine Art Supplies

The Schmincke Susan Harrison-Tustain Signature Paint set

Schmincke have also put together a brilliant ‘Signature Set’ of my colours – 12 x 5 ml tubes in a Japanned black metal boxed set that doubles as a travel set or mixing palettes. It really is brilliant and something that has been suggested to me so many times. 

This set includes the Schmincke Sap Green, Ultramarine Blue and Ruby Red in addition to my main palette of colors. Read on the front page of my Christmas newsletter how I have discovered the perfect Sap Green by mixing Schmincke Sap Green and Schmincke Translucent Orange.

Please click to see the list of colours I use.

The size of the tubes is ideal as I use paint sparingly. A tube of paint would easily last at least 1 – 2 years, even if you paint most days. The 5 ml tubes mean that the full set, including the lovely metal box (which is also a mixing palette) is reasonably priced too.

The metal box is black with the Schmincke logo and my signature in gold. The inside of the set is white which makes it ideal for mixing. The colours in this set will allow you to paint any subject at all – and having a beautiful container like this makes it so very practical.

I know you will love these special signature sets as so many of you find the vast array of materials confusing to wade through. My aim is to simplify your choice by doing all of the trial and error for you!

Enjoy & Have Fun!

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