Watercolor Painting Video Demonstrations & Tutorials

Join Susan in the free art videos below where she shares insights, free art lessons and free painting lessons to help you on your painting journey. The videos have many hints and tips as well as information on Susan’s unique methods and techniques. 

To gain the greatest knowledge, invaluable and in-depth teaching for all levels of painting skills,  Susan has created best selling and highly rated art instruction DVDs and video downloads where she teaches everything she knows about painting.  These 2-disc DVD sets are international best sellers with thousands sold all over the world.  Click here for a sneak preview and in-depth information on what each of the DVDs  and video downloads teach – as well as reviews from artists who want to share their excitement at discovering a whole new world of painting skills and insight within Susan’s DVDS and video downloads.

See Susan’s show from the “Put Some Colour in Your Life” TV Series (Series 10 Episode 13) here:

Painting Videos:

“In the videos above you will also find sneak previews of my ‘how to paint’ DVDs and Video Downloads. These contain many free art lessons and free painting instruction as well as allow you to see the vast range of knowledge and invaluable information to be found in my 2-disc watercolor DVD sets and Video Downloads. Enjoy!”

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