Ask someone else to do it! No – I jest. But I love that idea!

No let’s be serious about this….

I wear gloves to protect my skin

Firstly begin by removing as much paint as possible with a paper towel

I then dip my brushes in Odourless Mineral Spirits.

I work this through the hair

I then dip my brushes into Murphy’s Oil Soap (A wooden floor cleaner and general surface cleaner – 98% natural ingredients).
I bought this product in the US on a previous visit. It is not available in New Zealand. I replace it with Sard Wonder Soap. It also works beautifully.

I work this through the hair of my paint brushes until the foam is clean.

Rinse thoroughly

I think both of these products also condition the brushes

I dry the handles and place the brushes in the hot water cupboard overnight – they dry and ready to be used the next day!

There you have it – easy!

However you don’t have to clean your brushes every time you use them.

At the end of the day, remove excess paint

Dip them in linseed oil

Wrap the hair end of all the brushes in Saran wrap. In one bunch of brushes – not individually.

Wipe them on paper towel before you use them to remove the excess oil – then you are good to go!

I generally clean my brushes every two or three days.

However I think we could all do with a few elves in our studios – I hear they love to clean brushes! Let me know if you find any :0)
Susan Harrison-Tustain

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