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November/December 2022:

Best wishes to you all at this Festive time of Year.


In this Newsletter you will find:

Susan Harrison-Tustain Festive Discounts
1.  A Free Lesson from my Ebook
2.  A Festive Discount off the purchase price of my Ebook
3.  A Festive Discount off the purchase price of my Video Downloads


Those of you who are familiar with my website, with my YouTube channel and with my previous Festive Season Newsletters will know that I like to provide lots of painting information Free of Charge. On my website there is a page titled ‘FREE ART LESSONS’ which you can find by clicking the following link:

and you can see my YouTube channel by clicking this link:

1. A Free Lesson from my Ebook

For a free art lesson with this Newsletter I decided that I could include a short Chapter from my Ebook, titled ‘SUSAN HARRISON-TUSTAIN’S WATERCOLOR SECRETS REVEALED – Volume One’. The chapter I have decided on is:


‘How I Create My Magical Color Trails’
Susan Harrison-Tustain Ebook Part D Ch 7a
Susan Harrison-Tustain Ebook-Part-D-Ch7b
2. A Festive Discount off the purchase price of my Ebook

I know that many of you have already purchased my Ebook, so you will know what a wealth of information and instruction it contains. With more than 180 pages it is a wonderful ‘go to’ resource for watercolour artists, but with many techniques and lessons applicable to any painting medium. The ‘Color Trail’ chapter (above) is certainly an example of one of those.

For those who are new to my mailing list or don’t already have their own copy of my Ebook I am offering a 10% Festive Discount to encourage you to buy one for yourself or receive one as a gift from family or friends – a gift that keeps on giving! To receive the Festive Discount please use the Coupon Code  Festive10  when you order. For more information and details, including a chapter list, plus a link to order the Ebook please click on this link:

Please note that the Ebook Festive Discount finishes on 31st December 2022.

3. A Festive Discount off the purchase price of my Video Downloads

The previous success of this promotion has prompted me to offer it again this year, so that artists new to my mailing list or who wish to increase the number of titles they own can take advantage of it.

  • My Video Downloads contain all the same content as my DVD discs (available in four 2-disc titles) and also have the same menu structure and ease of navigation as the DVD discs.
  • Artists from round the world continue to enjoy learning from my watercolor instruction DVDs, with over 40,000 sold.
  • With the proliferation of portable and hand-held devices it is no surprise that I am now selling a much higher proportion of Video Downloads (playable on computers, laptops and hand-held devices such as iPads, iPhones and the Android equivalents).
  • There are four 2-disc titles currently available, with up to 5 hours of learning in each title.
  • This special November/December Festive Discount promotion offers a discount on Video Download purchases until December 31st, 2022.
  • It’s simple: Have a look at the DVD/Video Downloads pages for each title. Decide how many Video Downloads you wish to purchase, then just use the following Coupon Codes on the secure shopping cart page to receive the relevant discount which progressively increase the more titles you order.
For 1 title purchased you put in the Coupon Code ONEDISCOUNTFIVE to receive a 5% discount off theVideo Download purchase price.
For 2 titles purchased you put in the Coupon Code TWODISCOUNTTEN to receive a 10% discount off the Video Download purchase price..
For 3 titles purchased you put in the Coupon Code THREEDISCOUNTFIFTEEN to receive a 15% discount off the Video Download purchase price.
For 4 titles purchased you put in the Coupon Code FOURDISCOUNTTWENTY to receive a 20% discount off the Video Download purchase price.

Please note that the discounts relate to a single shopping cart of purchases and the Video Downloads Festive Discount finishes on 31st December 2022.

To visit my DVDs/Video Downloads page please click on the following link:

or to go directly to my Video Downloads Shop on the Platform Purple site please click on the following link (and remember to use the Discount Coupon Codes (shown above) when purchasing:

Very Useful Information:

On the DVD/Video Downloads page if you scroll down below the 4 DVD images to a paragraph titled “DVD or Video Download? Which one is best for you?” you will find some very useful information about playing and enjoying your Video Downloads.

My DVD Discs:

My DVD discs continue to be available, but with the costs and delays associated with shipping I decided just to offer the discounts on my Video Downloads this time.

Free E-Album of reference photos with purchase:

With the Ebook and Video Downloads purchases – and anything that is bought directly from my website – I am also offering a free E-Album of photographic painting subjects for you to own and use as inspiration for you – no matter what the medium. In my workshops and painting school, I can see so many struggle with finding the right image to paint. This free E-Album has beautiful images from gorgeous florals to lovely European market scenes, to birds and still life – all for you to paint at your leisure.


Richard and I wish you all the very best for a wonderful
Festive Season and Christmas
and we hope you enjoy a 2023 year full of art, fun and inspiration.
As always – Happy Painting – from Susan and Richard
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