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I am excited to announce that my new watercolor Ebook titled:


is close to being finished and has an ETA of January 2021!

We had hoped to be able to release the Ebook in time for Christmas as we know so many of you are looking forward to having it as a gift to yourselves or friends and family. Although it is almost completed, there is still some finalizing to do. Above all, when I release the book I want it to be the best it can be, with no corners cut 🙂

The plan is to release it in January – probably towards the end of the month. As soon as it is ready for purchase I will send out a message to all on my email Newsletter list. In the meantime I have made a ‘Gift Voucher’ that you can give or receive on Christmas Day. This is a ‘token’ showing your intention to purchase the Ebook when it is released. Just save it onto your computer or device and print it off for yourself or for anyone else (when you print it please ensure you click ‘scale to fit media’ so it will fit onto your paper size). The voucher does not have any monetary value and is just for fun. Perhaps you could roll it like a scroll and tie a ribbon around it ready to take its place under the tree! It will be a reminder to order the Ebook as soon as it is available. You can ‘gift’ it to friends or family members or ask them to ‘gift’ it to you.

What do I mean by an Ebook?

It is a book in a format that can be viewed and read on any hand-held device such your iPad, iPhone, Android device (e.g. Samsung), or a laptop, netbook or desktop computer. What started out to be an Ebook of 50 – 80 pages, has become a fully-fledged 140+ page book! There is so much to share as you can imagine.

In my international workshops, exhibitions and correspondence I am often asked “what are your secrets?”, “how do you get your paintings to glow?” and “how can they be watercolor?” I have lots of revelations to share. My work is different for many reasons – all of which I detail in this new Ebook.

No matter what stage you are at – from beginner to advanced, this book holds layers of information to teach and to keep extending you – at your own pace.

What is the Main Focus of the Book?

I have written and illustrated individual chapters with the main focus of the book being on hints, tips, breakthroughs and invaluable lessons that I have discovered by experimenting and trial and error throughout my painting career. These ‘light-bulb’ moments had such impact on my work, that I found my wings and began to soar. I want the same for you too.  

The panel on the left shows the list of Chapters in the Ebook. I trust they will whet your appetite.

Below is a page from the book for your interest.

Very Best Wishes to You All. Have a Wonderful Christmas & Festive Season. Stay Safe. Happy painting and I trust 2021 treats us all more gently. 

Thank you all once again for your support and for following my work and journey.


Susan and Richard

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