NEW E-book by Susan:

‘Susan Harrison-Tustain’s Watercolor Secrets Revealed – Volume One’


What is an E-book? An E-book or ‘electronic book’ is a book in digital form, with text and images that can be viewed and read on an electronic device such as a hand-held tablet or on a laptop, netbook or desktop computer. Susan’s new E-book is in pdf format and can be viewed on any of those devices using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app, already installed on most devices, or easily downloaded.
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The price of the E-book is US$35.

  • With more than 180 pages of full color images, invaluable teaching, insights, hints and tips on her painting methods and techniques, Susan hopes her newly released E-book will be your friend and ‘mentor’ book that will be beside you as you travel and explore throughout your watercolor journey.


  • It is a book for all artists from beginners to professionals and is a painting inspiration book as well as a problem solver book and watercolor rescue book. It is full of the ‘light-bulb’ moments that often proved to be turning points in Susan’s painting success! What she shares in this book will open your eyes and creative mind to so many possibilities!
More Information About Susan’s E-book:
  • Her teaching is not about learning cold facts; it is so much more about helping artists to understand how watercolor works and the simple logic behind everything she does.
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  • In the book’s ‘Table of Contents’ is a window – an overview of just some of the huge range of topics and gems of knowledge you will find within the 180+ pages of Susan’s new book. These insights will help you to master the easy methods she uses. You will be amazed at how these can be used in every painting and every subject!


  • Explore the versatility and effects that Susan reveals to you – such as learning how to observe the true colors within your subjects. Understand how to make shadow colors come alive and dance on your paper. This is just one of the nuggets Susan shares. Importantly Susan teaches you how to determine what you require to achieve the effects you wish to portray,  the methods to use to achieve it, how to do it and then she helps you to understand why it works so beautifully! 
  • Coming to understand the logic behind the lessons Susan teaches brings a whole new awareness and solid base to spring-board from for all of your future work.


  • Learn how Susan’s easy-to-create color trails (mixed on your palette) will yield a huge array of ideal color mixes for you to choose from – right at your fingertips! See how simple it is to mix any color at all. This book is written in easy to understand terms that will help artists of all skill levels to understand how to achieve paintings that have a true sense of presence and tangibility.


  • You will grasp how to start right, how to observe, deliberate, determine, and understand what you are doing and why you are doing it – and how using the lessons will help you bring a professional finesse that gives you an edge and point of difference.
Below is a page from the book for your interest.
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To purchase Susan’s E-book please click HERE

The price of the E-book is US$35.

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