Archived Newsletter from January 2020

A special “Thank You” gift tutorial for your support throughout 2019



Susan teaching at her October 2019 Maroochydore Watercolor Workshops on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

January 2020

Happy New Year Everyone!

As my festive season thank you to all those of you who are on my mailing list – I would, once again, like to thank you in a special way.

Knowledge is powerful – and power brings courage and confidence to have our brushes flying!

I have written an invaluable lesson describing my ‘Priming Method’.

When I started my painting journey I painted in oils. Later, when I decided to try my hand at watercolors, I loved their delicacy but also wanted to achieve the rich, clean colors I had found so powerful in oil. Building up layers of watercolor can be tricky. The layers can mix and become the dreaded ‘mud’. Oh No!! Therefore I set about learning the properties of watercolor paints and developing a technique that allowed the layering of watercolor WITHOUT creating mud. My ‘Priming Method’ was born.

The lesson I share provides insights into how to use my Priming Method and also why it works.

You will find my ‘Priming Method’ lesson by clicking HERE

This lesson can also be a gift from you to your artist friends. You are welcome to share it!

Let’s make a resolution to make more painting time where we can explore our creativity and try all those wonderful methods, techniques, subjects and inspiration  we have always wanted to paint! I’m off to my studio to begin!

Happy painting everyone – fly high!

Thank you all once again for your support and for following my work and journey.


Susan and Richard

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