An Opportunity for you to Title for my Latest Gilded Painting!

I am often asked about the importance of painting titles. What better way to discuss this than offer you the opportunity to suggest a title my latest gilded painting!

Why are painting titles so important? Let's have some fun - here is an opportunity for you to suggest a title for my latest gilded painting!

Title this gilded painting by Susan Harrison-Tustain. Oil on 24 carat gold leaf and palladium leaf on poplar wood panel

Let’s have some fun! I will share the list of title suggestions in my next post and I will chose one of them to complement my latest painting featured above.


How Important is a Painting Title?

Titles for paintings are so very important as they often hint at the reason the painting exists. They can be part of the painting narrative and are so often the perfect finishing touch to a work.

My latest work asks a question of the viewer: …..She walks a nebulous path, guided by the border defined by the birch stand. She hesitates, and looks back at us. What is she thinking? Why does she hesitate?

Can you find the perfect title that uses a word or just a few words that describe what this gilded painting says to you? 

Feel free to invite your friends to submit their suggestions too.


How to Submit your Suggestions

I am excited to see and share the many and varied titles and interpretations of my newly completed gilded painting! 

The best way to send your suggestions to me is to clink on my contact form link below

See you there!



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