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We all learn so much from watching Works in Progress come to life. Seeing the painting stages and watching as the painting evolves can be fascinating and full of great lessons. I thought I would post a series of stages for the painting I created as part of the television feature I was part of: Put Some Color in Your Life.

This painting features the rose Sally Holmes – which grows in our garden and presents us with the most beautiful carpet of roses throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Why did I chose to paint Sally Holmes?

Below this image you will find information on what makes this rose so special to paint

I chose this gorgeous rose to also feature in one of my best selling One on One Watercolor Workshop DVDs because it has large single petals that allow me to show you so many wonderful lessons:

  • How I create My Yellow Underwash which in turn brings a glow and a true sense of three dimensional substance to my work
  • You see the huge advantages of using my Priming Method and other techniques
  • How to create beautiful soft gradated blends of color
  • How to mix luminous color
  • The buds begin rich and full of wonderful colors such as peaches and cerise, pinks and apricots. They then  open to beautiful blooms of color from soft pale apricot to hints of pink to yellows as well as creams.
  • The stamen are particularly gorgeous as they sit proud of the bloom, casting gorgeous shadows on the single petals. This give such dimension and reality to our paintings of this rose.
  • The leaves are segmented, with small puffs of light and shadow. These are fun to create and bring a wonderful texture to the surface of the leaves.

Sally Holmes allows me to utilize so many of the methods and techniques I love to create and share.


This rose also features as an in-depth How to Paint study  in one of my best selling Watercolor DVDs. Here is a webpage link that will give you even more information and a sneak peek at all there is within the DVD:

You will also see a number of other videos I have created on that same page.

You can view the television episode here:

Watch this blog for the  subsequent stages!


Happy painting!


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