Watercolor Techniques – How to paint with watercolor

“A Rich Picking”
watercolor painting
© Susan Harrison-Tustain

There are many watercolor painting techniques which will help you to create amazing effects. But I find I generally use just five:

  1. My Priming Method
  2. Wet in Wet
  3. Wet on Dry
  4. Drybrush
  5. Blushing

You can learn about My Priming Method, Wet in Wet, Wet on Dry and Dry brush methods in my  DVDs as they are discussed and demonstrated throughout my watercolor DVDs. You can also read more information on thesewatercolor techniques here on my website, in the SusanArt Forum and in the free watercolor lessons here on my website.

With these watercolor techniques and methods you can paint anything and everything!

Take the time to learn about them and their many applications. You will be amazed at the skilful work you can achieve with just five fantastic methods!

Take a look at some of my early watercolor paintings that you may not have seen previously – I am about to post a series of early paintings in the next few posts. You will see what is possible: Remember these are early paintings– but because they are early it is easier for you to see the effects I have achieved.

Detail of “A Rich Picking”
© Susan Harrison-Tustain

Take a look at “Rich Pickings”. I love this painting. Notice the methods I have used to create these realistic leaves? They have texture don’t they? That is because I have used my priming method and then I used Wet in Wet and allowed the water to move the color for me. More about that in the next post.

Have fun exploring all the free lessons on my website. You will also find a watercolor techniques section in the menu on my website. Take a few minutes to look there too!


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