Susan Harrison-Tustain explains her Watercolor palette of hues – also more about skin tones

A series of notes on Susan’s Watercolor palette.

Article 1: What Transparent pigments does Susan Harrison-Tustain use?

All of the pigments I use are used in fine washes so they could all be described as being
transparent. The Schmincke  pigment is very finely ground and it is dense in
the tube so we only need a tiny amount to color in our washes. Being extra finely ground –
these pigments are absorbed into the inner layers of the paper more easily than other brands I have tried – so they are perfect for my painting techniques.

Here is a list of the manufacturers comments regarding the transparency of the pigments I use:

  1. 208 Aureolin Modern – semi transp
  2. 220 Indian Yellow – Transp
  3. 218 Translucent Orange – semi transp
  4. 363 Scarlet Red – semi opaque
  5. 357 Alizarin Crimson – semi transp
  6. 351 Ruby Red – semi transp
  7. 367 Purple Magenta – transp
  8. 484 Phthalo blue – semi transp
  9. 494 Ultramarine Finest – semi transp
  10. 519 Phthalo Green – semi transp
  11. 530 Sap Green – transp
  12. 787 Paynes Grey Bluish – semi opaque

Watch this space for Article 2 – How to compensate for too much red in skin tone

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