Painting iS not that difficult. By far and away the most important thing is to paint something that has meaning – a work that has something to say about the subject.

Take a close look at my watercolor Time for Reflection. This is a gentle scene. I have emphasized the thoughtful serenity and grace firstly by using subtle colors on the main subject. She is restful and lost in her thoughts. I have also portrayed her hands in an elegant feminine pose.

Can you see I have suggested the lace on her skirt, the semi transparent fabric with her knees showing through – and hinted at the greenery behind her skirt. These things give the impression of semi transparent fabric. I do the same for semi transparent petals in a rose, sheer curtains, a veil, a window with condensation etc. All that is needed is a hint of color. Take a close look at the close up cropped image below. Can you see her knees beneath the skirt? Does the hint of green give you the impression there is green foliage behind the lower portion of her skirt? You can see how a hint of color is all that is needed.

I have also suggested her elegant foot – just peeking out from the hem of her skirt. All these things bring a femininity to this piece – as she sits, contemplating, waiting in the soft sunlight of a Provencal late morning.

Watercolor is a fabulous painting medium for capturing subtle nuances such as these.

Gentle #washes of #watercolor using my #Priming #Method, allow me to softly #blend my #colors so they roll into each other without share demarcation lines. Look at the rolls and undulations in the #folds of her skirt. Notice how there are no harsh lines? Strong lines would take away from the softness of the skirt and the quiet restful moment I wish to capture.

These are the things I contemplate as I set up on composition and arrange my model. It is a great idea to write down your thoughts about the atmosphere and mood you wish to create. Then gather the appropriate props that bring your painting its voice.

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