Watercolor Workshop Or Watercolor DVD – Which is Best?

The age-old question – a watercolor workshop or watercolor DVD – which is best and why? It is a little like “the chicken or the egg scenario”. It isn’t a black and white answer. It depends on the individual. Let’s discuss the benefits of each:


This is generally a ‘group’ lesson from one to possibly several days. The true success of a watercolor workshop is dependent on the skill of the tutor. Not only the painting skill but his/her ability to create a plan for the workshop that will extend the students to reach their own potential. It is about being able to keep a clear focus on the points students need to know, impart that information – often while demonstrating and answering questions along the way. A gifted tutor needs to be able to think on his/her feet, troubleshoot and if at all possible – there is a huge benefit if the artist is able to spend time with each student at his or her desk. Offering constructive advice is paramount in leading an artist to realize the possibilities and encourage them to reach past the preconceived boundaries many have restricted themselves by.

Susan Harrison-Tustain Watercolor Workshop or DVD

At the beginning of a watercolor workshop, students feel a myriad of emotions. Often a little anxious and they often do not feel in the ‘zone’ to begin painting. I feel a tutor needs to help them relax by explaining what is planned for the next few days so they know where the tutor plans to take them. It is important to nurture the students so they can build self-confidence and let the painting flow. Once the first day has begun, it is amazing to see how focused, relaxed and settled in the student artists become – leaving behind self-doubt. They are fired up and ready to soak up everything we can teach.

Susan Harrison-Tustain Watercolor Workshop or DVD

At a workshop students can fire off questions, enjoy the camaraderie of the other students, learn from each participant and be introduced to new materials, ideas, hints and tips from fellow artists.

Susan Harrison-Tustain Watercolor Workshop or DVD

A watercolor workshop such as the one mentioned above – where tutors spend one on one time with the students gives invaluable instant feedback and demonstrations and personal problem solving. For more information about my occasional watercolor workshops click here.


DVDs are a brilliant way to learn to paint and to extend your skills.

Watercolor art instruction DVDs and Video Downloads

I often find artists will buy my watercolor DVDs before attending a workshop so they have knowledge of my methods techniques and materials prior to the workshop.

The benefits of a DVD are numerous – here are just a few:

* You can play them at your leisure – wherever you are and whenever you feel like painting
* Replay them to refresh your memory
* Become more familiar with particular stages – especially when you get stuck on one of those “traps for young players”
* Select specific sections from the menu and brush up on the skills you want to focus on
* A long-term record of methods and techniques of artists you admire
* See how each stroke is applied
* Listen to the thoughts of the artist as they paint and troubleshoot
* Freeze frame to give time to observe the detail
* Print subject matter
* Learn about materials and suppliers
* Full of the hints and tips the artist is always asked about
* In addition to all of the above, anyone who orders from my website will receive a FREE E-book of reference photos to use as they please

The list goes on. ..

So which is best? There isn’t a definitive answer to that question because each has its benefits. In fact each complements the other. They both focus on sharing invaluable information to help artists throw open the window and allow them to see a new world of possibilities out there for them. Workshops and DVDs give the artist the courage to take that leap of faith in their own abilities, let go their inhibitions and fly.

Click here to have a look at my available Watercolor DVDs & Video Downloads.

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