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After many requests to have downloadable/streaming versions of Susan’s four 2-disc DVD titles we now have those available, so you can play them on your iPad, Android device, laptop, netbook or desktop computer. Of course, one of the best features of a DVD is the chapter menu and the navigation option for easily playing any section you wish. The video platform we have chosen allows this function. It’s called Platform Purple.

To go directly to Susan’s Video Download Shop please click HERE or on any of the images of the 4 available titles below:

Watercolor Painting Instruction
Watercolor Painting Instruction
Watercolor Painting Instruction
Watercolor Painting Instruction

Useful Information on Viewing Your Video Downloads:

  • There are 2 great options for viewing:

           1. If you have a reasonably fast internet connection (such as found in most of North America and Europe for example) it is possible to watch the video you have purchased by ‘streaming’. You can do this in your browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari) by clicking HERE. Then login with your email address and password.

           2. If your internet connection is slower, and also if you wish to watch the video offline you are best to ‘download’ the files to your computer or portable device to watch them at your leisure on the free ‘Purple Player’. The player is available for Windows or Mac desktop computers, laptops and netbooks and for Android or iOS hand-held mobile devices (such as Samsung or iPad tablets and ‘phones). Once you own the DVD download you can play it on any of these devices you have (with the correct version of the player installed for the device). Just go to your ‘My Library’ page (click HERE) and login using the email address and password you registered with. There you will find the download(s) you have purchased and the icons for all the devices for accessing your download. Clicking the relevant icon will provide access information for viewing your download(s). Downloaded files are stored to your computer or device, so please ensure there is sufficient space for them. The files for the 4 DVDs are about 1.5 to 2 Gb each

  • I mentioned above that one of the great features of our downloads via Platform Purple is that the menu and navigation functions found on the DVD discs are retained. In the player window just click on the word ‘Chapters’. A list of all the chapters opens up so you can easily click on the one you wish to play.
  • Another resource you will find useful are the reference images relating to the download. You can find those in pdf format if you click on the ‘Additional Media’ button, or ‘Attachments’
  • There are also the options to alter the video playing speed and to loop a section of video so you can see it several times. In the browser playing window just click on the ‘advanced controls’ Or in the ‘Purple Player’ window click on the little toothed wheel (bottom right). When moused over it says ‘Settings’.
  • For any questions you have or information you may require about the downloads ‘Platform Purple’ has a very good ‘Help Center’ and ‘Customer Support’ service – click HERE to access it.
  • The price of the Downloads is in US$ and is the same as the price of a physical DVD set, but with NO added shipping cost. With downloads we obviously incur no DVD disc production costs, but there is a cost to have the Downloads hosted and available for purchase. This cost is, in fact, higher than the cost of physical discs + shipping. For a very reasonable price the downloads provide great convenience and practicality for viewing, especially on the portable devices that are becoming ever more popular.
  • To enjoy the downloadable versions of Susan’s DVDs, please visit her shop by clicking HERE.

Happy viewing!!

Susan says: “The success of a painting is not only reliant on the painting portion of a work. It is also determined by the time we take before putting brush to paper. We can be the best artists in the world at wielding a brush – but without the knowledge of our medium, good composition, observation skills, analysis and deliberation, knowledge of the five essential elements – our paintings will never reach their full potential.”

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