Facebook Painting Challenge 6/7

6th of 7 day Facebook painting challenge

#Watercolor by Susan Harrison-Tustain

This is the sixth painting in my seven day challenge
I have written another #freepainting #artlesson for this challenge. Enjoy!

How to paint #bird feathers in watercolor

Creating Luminous #Colors with Watercolor

Can you see how vibrant, clean and fresh these #feathers in this #bird study are?

They are easily created using transparent and semi #transparentcolors.

I tend to use the staining colors such as (all Schmincke unless stated): Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, (Daniel Smith) Anthraquinoid Red, and also the slightly less staining Aureolin Modern.

Painting Methods
I begin by using my invaluable #PrimingMethod, laying in one or two fine even washes of the appropriate color. I blur and soften the edges where necessary to keep a gentle transition into the #background white of the paper.

I then move on to the wet in wet method where I introduce a little more detail.
Remember my saying “more water = less control
Less water = more control”

We are reducing the amount of water in our washes which enables us to have more control and establish a little more detail where needed

I now use wet on dry and dry brush to fine tune and establish greater detail in the feathers.

I use a flat taklon brush da Vinci series 122 sizes 2 and 4

This is ideal to use on the side – giving a narrow stroke which helps describe the feathers beautifully.

Lifting Out Color
Because you are using wet on dry and dry brush methods in the final layers, much of the color is sitting on the surface of your paper.
This has a great benefit! You can lift out some of color with ease – allowing you to establish beautiful soft highlights and paler colors where you need them.

Experiment with your colors (mentioned above) on a spare piece of paper. These are all beautiful clean strong colors. I use yellow very sparingly and only when I want to dull the mix down a little – as seen the more brown/green colored feathers.

Painting feathers is so much fun. It is not difficult at all. Just remember to use my priming method initially to create your soft early washes – which you build on and deepen with your subsequent, wet on wet, wet on dry and then finally dry-brush layers.

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Have fun!
Susan Harrison-Tustain

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