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THE POWER OF COLOR – free painting lesson series

WELCOME TO MY FREE ART LESSON:  The Power of #Color This is a short series of #freepaintinglessons where you will discover invaluable, powerful insights into #painting! Today's #lesson we will begin talking about The Power of Color. #Color of course is a huge subject...

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FREE ART LESSON HINTS AND TIPS: HOW TO PAINT HAIR #HOW TO #PAINT #REALISTIC #HAIR My blog posts are a great place to learn some of my invaluable #hints and #tips for #painting. Often the information I share will relate to any medium. If you would like to...

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LEARN HOW YOU CAN FINE TUNE YOUR PAINTINGS USING THE FIVE KEY ELEMENTS When #teaching #artworkshops and on my #paintingDVDs and #downloads I find one of the most valuable #artlessons I can teach involve understanding the power of the five key elements...

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Work in Progress

We all learn so much from watching Works in Progress come to life. Seeing the painting stages and watching as the painting evolves can be fascinating and full of great lessons. I thought I would post a series of stages for the painting I created as part of the...

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The power of a background

I am often asked how to paint backgrounds and how to paint pale colors in watercolor. I sometimes choose to paint a study with a white background. A floral work with an unpainted background is often titled a “redoute” style painting. After the famous botanical artist...

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Is it Oil or is it Watercolor? – Article in International Artist Magazine on how to paint in watercolor and how to paint in oil color by Susan

One of the most common things Susan is asked about her paintings is this: “Is it an oil or a watercolor painting?” In this newly released issue (#78 April/May) of the prestigious International Artist Magazine, Susan reveals her decision making process when and how she...

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