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Have you always wanted to know how to create unique painting compositions?

It is high time I posted a teaching lesson for those who love to learn and extend their skill level.
It is always my pleasure to help you on your journey

Have you ever struggled trying to find the right composition? Something different, something unique, something that speaks of the things that matter to you?

My oil painting on Belgian Linen titled “Ophir Past and Present” came from a long search for the perfect subject that spoke of this old gold mining village in the South Island of New Zealand.

Ophir: Population 50

Ophir is full of early New Zealand history. But what could an oil painting say about this village? I wanted to capture the essence of this hamlet – but I did not want to paint the obligatory old cottage with roses.

I took a walk – just on dusk. The sun was setting in the west. An ink blue sky was in the east and an incredible orange sunset warmed everything it touched.

I set out to find the ideal subject that would speak of Ophir. However I didn’t want to paint just an old building. I wanted my painting to capture the imagination.

I happened across this broken window that pulled my attention inside. I wanted to encapsulate that compulsion and portray it in my painting so the viewers of my work would also feel drawn, full of intrigue so they, too, would peer inside to see all that was within the 1800s abandoned drapery shop.

As I stepped back the reflection in the unbroken window pane – caught my breath. THIS is exactly what I was looking for! Something completely different – something that captures the imagination and the intrigue.

This is what I refer to as an ‘intelligent composition’ that we artists can create with a little thought.

A painting such as this continues to create comment and interest. It has a reason for existing. A message. It compels the viewer to step inside the frame, and peek through the window and explore the wonderful threads, fabric, broken floor boards, original old ripped wall paper from 1880s, the dancing orange dusk twilight on the back room wall, and then be lead out throw the open door at the back of the shop – to who knows where?

This is history captured through a happen-chance moment.

The lesson I wish to highlight is to think out of the box – find subject matter that touches you and portray in a way that hasn’t been used before. Watch for these special subjects and let your imagination run wild.

Analyze what you feel and then portray that emotion/compulsion in your work.

Step out of your comfort zone, explore your world and have confidence to be the first to speak to your audience using your imagination and portray your unique vision. Dare to be different!

I framed this image in such a way, it gives the impression the frame is a window we are looking through – out across the road and into the Old Pitches Drapery Store!

Enjoy finding your unique painting compositions!

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