Susan’s December 2019 DVD & Video Download Discount Offer

Hi Everyone, 

With Christmas and the Festive Season just around the corner here is a generous Special Offer of up to a 40% Discount off purchases of my watercolor DVDs or Video Downloads!

I know many of you already have some or all of my DVDs or Video Downloads, but for those who would like to extend their collection or those who would like to ‘give the gift of art and knowledge’ to an artist friend or relative – this is a wonderful opportunity.

By sending this out now it means that you can treat yourself for Christmas or arrange for someone else to treat you 🙂

The Video Downloads are, of course, available to you as soon as you purchase them.

The physical DVDs require shipping, so I can’t absolutely guarantee they will arrive before Christmas, but the sooner you order the greater the chance of them arriving on time. We hold and send DVD stock from both NZ and the USA. Therefore shipping to NZ and US will be virtually sure to arrive before Christmas if ordered in the next week.

This year I am feeling extra generous so will double the discounts on all DVD and Download purchases – up to a 40% discount off purchases of 4 DVDs or Video Downloads. Remember, there is FREE SHIPPING for all purchases of 3 or 4 DVDs at one time.

PLUS we have a bonus gift of a FREE E-ALBUM of REFERENCE PHOTOS with ANY purchase directly from my website.


  • Artists from round the world continue to enjoy learning from my watercolor instruction DVDs, with over 40,000 sold.
  • The DVDs are also available as Video Downloads (playable on computers, laptops and hand-held devices such as iPads, iPhones and the Android equivalents). You will be able to view your purchased download on multiple devices too.
  • Four 2-disc titles currently available, with up to 5 hours of learning in each title.
  • This special Festive Season promotion offers a discount on DVD or Download purchases until December 31st, 2019.

How to enjoy your Festive Discount:

It’s simple. Have a look at the DVD/Downloads pages for each title. Decide how many you wish to purchase, then just use the following Coupon Codes on the secure shopping cart page to receive the relevant discount:

For 1 title purchased you put in the Coupon Code ONEDISCOUNTTEN to receive a 10% discount off the DVD or Download purchase price.

For 2 titles purchased you put in the Coupon Code TWODISCOUNTTWENTY to receive a 20% discount off the DVDs or Downloads purchase price.

For 3 titles purchased you put in the Coupon Code THREEDISCOUNTTHIRTY to receive a 30% discount off the DVDs or Downloads purchase price. (Note that there is FREE SHIPPING on a purchase of 3 DVDs too)

For 4 titles purchased you put in the Coupon Code FOURDISCOUNTFORTY to receive a 40% discount off the DVDs or Downloads purchase price. (Note that there is FREE SHIPPING on a purchase of 4 DVDs too)

Please note that the discounts relate to a single shopping cart of purchases.

To visit my DVDs and Video Downloads page please click on the following link:

BONUS! Free E-Album of reference photos with purchase:

With the DVDs or Video Downloads – and anything that is bought directly from my website – we are also offering a free E-Album of photographic painting subjects for you to own and use as inspiration for you – no matter what the medium. In my workshops and painting school, I can see so many struggle with finding the right image to paint. This free E-Album has beautiful images from gorgeous florals to lovely European market scenes, to birds and still life – all for you to paint at your leisure.



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