How to paint in watercolor and how to paint in oil

How do we paint?

Where do we start to paint in watercolor and where do we start to paint in oils?

Most artists think a painting begins with the drawing – but in reality a successful painting begins long before we take a pencil in our hands.

You will have heard me talk via international magazine articles, books and also in my blog, about “intelligent composition”.

However there is one step before that – and this step is observation. Without good observation – and also goodanalysis of what is before us or in our imagination – then our painting will always lack depth and a sensitivity. A painting that is not able to incur some emotion or intrigue a viewer, is more akin to a wall decoration. I am sure you would prefer to touch the viewers of your work. So watch this space!

‘Where to begin a painting’ is going to be my first discussion in this – a new series of posts focused on helping artists to learn how to paint.

I plan to write a number of short posts that will help you lift your work to a more refined level. These posts will be in the form of painting hints and tips that will give you a more solid base and understanding of some important skills and lessons showing you how to paint in oils and how to paint in watercolor. These stepping stones will help you move forward on your painting journey with more confidence and with a solid grounding in some very important areas.

Keep popping by this blog to see what is being posted. I plan to discuss all of my most often asked about subjects.

Let your friends and painting groups know about this new series. The time and dedication it will take to design, prepare and write this series is huge – so the more that know about it – the more far-reaching and the more rich and deep art will be in people’s lives.

That’s a lovely notion isn’t it!

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On my website there are numerous lessons, hints and tips for artists. Feel free to explore the ‘lessons’ section of this website. It is a rich source for artists.

Watch out for the first lesson next week!

Happy painting!


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