Oil painting on Oil Primed Belgian Linen
by Susan Harrison-Tustain

As many of you know I paint both in watercolor and oil.

I am often asked what substrate I use for my oil paintings.

Generally for oil painting I prefer to use Belgian linen. Often oil primed – but also sometimes acrylic primed Belgian linen.

I always add at least two more coats of Schmincke Gundiermasse gesso to the surface of my acrylic primed linen before I begin painting. This ensures there is not leakage into uncovered linen.

HINT: You can check your linen prior to beginning to paint by holding it up against the light. If you see tiny pin holes, simply apply more coats of gesso to ensure the linen is well sealed.

Oil primed linen generally does not need more coats of oil priming ‘gesso’.

If you are using oil primed linen – it is advisable not to use an acrylic under-painting. Use only oil paints.

For my latest collection I am currently working creating – I am using a cradled Poplar laminated board that has sealer and several coats of gesso. Sanded between each layer once dried. I have a craftsman create these for me – however a quick search on the internet will help you find a supplier of these boards.

I particularly love using these boards as they are stable, egg-shell smooth and ideally suitable for the theme I am currently working on. I hope to reveal some of these latest works at the end of 2015.

I am currently head down creating my fifth professional How to Paint Oil Video / DVD for artists of all levels! This will be my fifth how to paint video / how to paint DVD! It won’t be available for many months – as our reputation for attention to detail, professionalism and quality is very important to us.

Exciting times ahead!

Happy painting everyone!
Susan Harrison-Tustain

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