Throughout recorded history gold has been regarded as a symbol of wealth, beauty and prestige, used for high value coins, jewellery, decoration and the arts. Amongst fine 24 carat gold’s particular properties is its malleability, meaning it can be beaten into very thin sheets, forming gold leaf.   

A visit to the spectacular art-based multimedia Carrières de Lumières’ show in Les Baux-de-Provence, France, inspired Susan to forge a new path on her artistic journey. The show was titled ‘Klimt and Vienna, a century of gold and colours’. It electrified Susan’s imagination and drove her to delve into a completely new way of creating her art. Painting in oil on 24 carat gold leaf, palladium leaf and silver leaf (known as the ‘noble metals’) provides a whole new set of challenges for an artist.

Months of research involving leading world experts in art conservation and materials has given Susan the knowledge and expertise to understand this ancient art and to ensure she uses the very best materials and techniques to create her unique new art collection. Susan describes the passion she has for painting on leafing as “wonderfully challenging and incredibly exhilarating. Illuminated by ever-changing light throughout the day, the metallic leaf comes to life and brings a whole new dimension to my paintings”.

Susan’s imagination and artistic vision add a twist to each piece. The more you look the more you will see. “As I paint, combining elements of four painting styles (surrealism, symbolism, realism, impressionism), the work takes on a life of its own,  allowing me to express the reason for the painting’s existence”.

Susan’s ‘Free Spirit’ painting series will be unveiled at her October 2017 Exhibition.

Susan offers a select collection of fine art prints.

Click on the images below to view the other galleries of oil and watercolor paintings:

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