Susan Harrison-Tustain's Australian Workshop Series 2015 Announced

Susan Harrison-Tustain Workshop in Australia 2015

Only 24 hours to be in to win one of 5 free painting critiques!

February 1st, 2015

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Have fun - we are all on a wonderful never ending journey. It is my pleasure to help you find your wings


Susan Harrison-Tustain


January 28th, 2015

Hi Everyone

Now that I have learned how to create my own blog posts - I will be writing more often here and also sharing many art related and travel related treats that I am sure you will love.

As you know Richard and I lead sight-seeing, painting, photography, wine appreciation and Mediterranean tours to Europe. We have traveled widely and loved so many amazing places - many of which we have shared with our tour guests.

We are constantly asked what we can recommend and which are our favourite places to visit and best experiences.

I would love to highlight a very special time we spent in a small ancient village in Turkey: Kas

IMG_8780Kas village and harbour in the evening from one of the fabulous little restaurants close to our hotel

IMG_8812 - CopyHeading back to hotel - a typical street in this beautiful village - although most are flat.

P1000406At the end of that little unassuming street is this ancient Lycian tomb. The Lycian civilization traceable in this area even before 500BC. Their ancient tombs are dotted around this gorgeous coastline. This is a kings tomb.

P1000366One magic evening we bought local fruits vegetables, bread, cheese, olives, wine and enjoyed a picnic at the top of this Hellenistic (Greek) amphitheater - just as the sun was setting over the Kas Harbour. A forever memory.

P1000488Then for the best time of all - we joined Captain Ergun and his lovely wife Merve (Chef extraordinaire!) for an absolute trip of a lifetime. If you are ever planning to go to Turkey - be sure to visit Kas for a few days and finish your time cruising the Turquoise Coast on Captain Ergun's magnificent Gulet or sailing boats. A Gulet is an ancient design of the traditional boat seen in the region for many centuries. Captain Ergun also has a sailing boat - a Barvaria 45. The four nights  and days we spent on the gulet  (Evita) were such a highlight for us all. Captain Ergun is far right in this photograph and Merve is sitting behind me. (I'm the one with the hat!) . What a lovely way to spend an evening!

P1000599 - Copy - Copy - CopyBy day we cruised idyllic bays - some had sunken boats we could snorkle on - another had a sunken plane (placed there). But the main highlight for us were the sunken villages. It is not possible to snorkle over them all - but certainly you can snorkel over some. The ancient ruins, the rooms of the houses, the steps that disappear into the water and below,  the amphora and broken pottery strewn on the ocean floor - all there for you to explore. Of course not to take - but to touch and imagine the civilizations that lived in these amazingly ancient places engulfed by the sea as a result of earthquakes over the last 2000+ years. I felt like Jacques Cousteau as I snorkled amongst these relics in the crystal clear waters of the Turquoise Coast.

P1000486Captain Ergun offers many extras as part of his cruises and sails - we made the most of them all : Kyack, paddle board, new snorkeling gear, water skiing, go pro underwater camera. I am usually not one for swimming but we all spent most of time exploring and swimming, snorkeling and just relaxing, eating, laughing, telling tall stories and having such adventures a fun time.


Life just doesn't get better than this! The water is so warm and so bouyant, no sharks or anything to be concerned about. Bliss!



Captain Ergun's wonderful wife cooked the most amazing banquets for breakfast lunch and dinner.

P1000594 - Copy - Copy - CopyWe chose to sleep under the stars and watch the sun go down. And wake up to a stunning sunrise. However there are three double cabins - beautiful woodgrain cabins. Each have an ensuite with shower. We chose the magic of the night sky to sleep under


P1000494We had a group of friends who wanted to join in the fun!


P1000595A magical trip we will never forget and look forward to doing again and again. It is so addictive! From swimming, snorkeling over ancient ruins, exploring sunken ship and visiting the locals in old working fishing villages on shore - to walking a portion of the Lycian Way - I cannot recommend Boat Trip Turkey highly enough for anyone who wants to feel the magic of Turkey - in all it's forms - finish your time there with a four day cruise of the Turquoise Coast on Captain Ergun's 'Evita' or sail on his Bavaria 45.


I found Captain Ergun through Trip Advisor. He is # 1 of all the things to do in this area. You will see why he has over 250 reviews - all 5 star! If I could have given him and of course Merve 10 stars, I would have.

Here is his website:

Enjoy and be sure to leave some dates spare for us to do this all again.


January 28th, 2015


The prestigious International Artist Magazine (Feb/March 2015 issue) has once again honored Susan Harrison-Tustain by dedicating 12 pages to feature her article "The Five Crucial Elements for a Successful Painting". This article goes hand in hand with the special bonus section in Susan's newly released, best selling DVD.  Click here to view a sneak preview of Susan's latest DVD:  Susan Harrison-Tustain's Watercolor Masterclass . Sales of this new DVD have gone through the roof!

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Learn how to paint shiny, matt, satin, smooth, veined, undulating surfaces. Learn how to capture clean fresh highlights, luminous shadows that dance with color and so much more.

The lessons on color mixing can be applied to any color at all.  Learn how you too can create paintings that have a true sense of presence.

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Only 5 Days Left to Enter to Win one of Susan Harrison-Tustain’s 1 hour Painting Critiques!

January 26th, 2015
Susan Harrison-Tustain Critiquing her oil painting © Susan Harrison-Tustain

Susan Harrison-Tustain Critiquing her oil painting © Susan Harrison-Tustain

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January 17th, 2015

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Hi Everyone!

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Update on Australian Workshops:

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Susan Harrison-Tustain Workshop in Australia 2015

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How to create rich dark luminous colors!

December 5th, 2014

The Wind's Song, watercolor painting by Susan Harrison-Tustain
The Winds Song
Susan Harrison-Tustain
Watercolor on Arches 300gsm Hot Pressed paper
43" x 19 1/4" (1090mm x 490mm)

I am often asked how to create rich translucent strong color.
The answer to the question is found in the strength and staining qualities of the pigments used in our mixes.
Generally you will find you can build up fine washes of transparent color to create a reasonably rich depth of color (saturation/intensity).
However, many pigments do not have a great strength and/or staining power. If you are in the situation where you feel you are not gaining the strength and intense dark you want - don't ever be tempted to lay in thick color. I imagine you know what will result:
Loss of transparency
A thick glugged and often shiny appearance due to excessive build up of Gum Arabic (binder in Watercolor)
Clog the pores of paper resulting in subsequent layers sitting on surface

This will cause:

- A mixing of all the layers on the surface
- Dulling (greying of color)
- Loss of glow
- Often a brown/grey 'muddy' color results

The answer to the question is easy:

Create a mix of colors that are stronger and/or are more staining colors:
If I want to create a wonderful rich dark color I often use the following colours:
The colors I use when I need a rich intense luminous dark color:

- Anthrquinoid Red (strong staining color)
- Phthalo Blue (Strong staining color)
- Phthalo Green (strong, brilliant)

I sometimes apply any or a mix of these colors to my 'local color' mix when I want to push my color into the realms of a rich luminous dark. In my painting 'The Wind's Song' (above) - I wanted to create a rich dark color in the sky to give the impression of an impending squall. In this case, the color I refer to as my 'local color' (lower sky color), is Paynes Grey Bluish (Schmincke). This is not a strong color. However it is an ideal color for the sky.

In this case, to my Paynes Grey Bluish, I simply added a small amount of one, two or three of the strong/staining colors listed above to give me the punch I was after. This addition also gives me the intensity I need to capture the depth/strength/saturation and luminous transparency you will often see in my paintings.

In Conclusion
The use of strong tonal values brings this painting to life and helps me to establish the unfolding drama as the squall moves closer. Compare the large seagull with the other smaller seagulls that are against a lighter sky. Can you feel the push/pull created by the staining colors?

This is an excellent lesson to demonstrate the power and the intensity that is possible with the use of rich staining colors.


*   *   *   *   *

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July 25th, 2014

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Watch as Susan teaches how you too can mix her fresh, clean vibrant greens as seen in nature. Susan's detailed explanations of her methods and techniques, observation and analysis, the five essential elements to the success of any painting, together with her fresh clean, glowing color mixes, will allow you to adapt her teachings for any subject you wish to paint.

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Using her finished paintings, Susan will reveal to you, the amazing power and far-reaching impact of these elements - and how they can be used to revolutionize any subject, painting and painting style.

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Watercolor DVDs by Susan Harrison-Tustain

How To Paint: Realistic Hair In Watercolor

July 20th, 2014

Hints Tips and Invaluable Information for Watercolor Artists.


I love to share the hints and tips that have made all the difference in my painting career. As windows of time come free - I love to post articles that will hopefully inspire artists and lift their skills and knowledge to the next level. Please do share them and invite your artist friends to enjoy them too. They will be time consuming to write and post - so I would love to help as many artists as possible with each post. I hope to continue to create an invaluable reference for you all:


All Aboard 300dpi c-3008 cropped     All Aboard 300dpi c-3008 cropped close up

Hair needs to be soft and flowing rather than painted in strips. This often gives a stringy-looking appearance. Having soft edges is the key to the success of realistic looking hair.

If you want soft blurred edges you need to lay your colors into damp paper.

First of all lay in your darker colors being sure to keep your colors from flowing into your lightest areas.

Practice first as mentioned below:

Wet a strip of paper. Let the water soak in, until the sheen has just gone from the surface. Now lay in a fine line (or even a larger area) of your the hair color you wish to use. For blonde hair I use a variety of mixes and I use cool - warm color temperature to help me describe and mould the form.

When you lay in your color - watch how your paint flows - if you find the paint spreads too far - then you know you have too much water either on your paper, your brush or in your paint mix.
If the paint leaves as hard line - then you know you need your paper, brush or color to have a little more water in them.

Block off a section of hair - a long strip. Work on one section at a time otherwise it can seem like a maze.

Above is a close up look at hair that I painted for two studies some time ago. They are using similar colours to those you will use for blonde hair. You will notice the strands are blurred and you will also notice the colors often tend to be in blocks of color. Establish these blocks of color and you will have a map of where you are going.

See how the strands are soft-edged and the colors vary from one part of the strand to the other as they come in and out of the influence of the daylight and shadows.
Look closely at the little boy's blonde curly hair. Look at the strands on the side of his face. Look at the different colors and the waves weave in and out of the light. See the yellow, the dark, the light. All of these things are important. Observation is the key to success with hair. Have fun!

In the cool light areas I often use pale washes of a variety of colors or color mixes - depending on the color of the hair: Phthalo Blue tempered with a tiny touch of Translucent Orange can be ideal for the areas around the highlights. (keep the brightest highlights white) Other times Aureolin Yellow can be ideal to help you describe the color next to the cool highlights. You will need to observe what you see in the hair color you wish to paint. But in general - it is good to note that in natural lighting conditions: highlights are cool and shadows are warm.

Lightest Highlight colors: White

Colors next to highlights colors: Pale washes of Phthalo Blue and a touch of Translucent Orange. (Or possibly Aureolin Yellow). You need to look closely and determine what colors you see in each area of hair.

Shadows: Phthalo Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Translucent Orange.Aureolin Yellow.
Allow the shadow color to favor the warmer colors.

Local color: Generally blonde hair is a light brown color. I often create a light brown using Translucent Orange, Aureolin Yellow, Scarlet Red and a touch of Phthalo Blue.

Do remember every hair color will vary with the light source. Create a variety of color mixes and keep note of them for future reference. These will be invaluable for all the different colors you will encounter over the years.

Have fun! And do invite your friends to follow this blog too. I will return as often as time allows to bring many more hints and tips to help you to reach your full potential with watercolor - or any other medium for that matter. Much of what I will share can be applied to any medium!